Feb 14, 2022Liked by Stephanie Gilman

I've barely ever engaged, but engagement for me stopped when #45 was nominated by his party to be the next President. Certainly, following any material news story now is an exercise in self harm. Laying low is best.

Also, I wonder: this would seem to have been a lesson learned back in the day when you were going through treatment -- what's different now?

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Absolutely feeling the same. I’ve stopped reading the news, yet still hear about it. But the noise is muffled now, which helps me hear the things that feel better.

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Feb 5, 2022Liked by Stephanie Gilman

Stephanie, once again you've voiced the thought that lingers in most of our brains these last two plus years...am I caring enough? I must keep my focus on the ills of this world, I cannot take my attention away from them!

You are so right to champion the need for pulling back, for taking a pause, for turning our eyes to small pleasures and simple joys that nourish and sustain our soul. Thank you!

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